How to add employees using Import method?

For Company/ Admin only.


Last Update 2 tahun yang lalu

Step 1 & 2: Go to Employee & click Add Employee button

Step 3: Choose & select Import Employee

Step 4: Click "Here" to download excel file format provided 

Step 5: Simply click "Here" to view the reference/ instructions on how to fill out the employee's details in the excel file

Step 6: Fill out all employees details in those excel file. Please make sure you enter all required information. You also can click "Instruction" below to view the reference


1. Column/ Title with RED colour are required fields, please make you sure fill out the details to avoid any error when you upload it to the system

2. Please do not DELETE/ ADD/ EDIT any column in those excel file

Step 7: Click Choose File to upload in the system after finish fill out the details

Step 8: Click Import Employee to submit & all your employees will automatically add into system


1. After successfully submit, employee will get an invitation email with temporary password generated by system

2. Employee/ Admin still be able to Edit/ Update employee information after successfully adding employee into system 

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